One Eternal Round

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Presidential Debate of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

The premiere of the Presidential Debates between incumbant President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney has taken place and now we must assess the results.  This was perhaps the most important debate of the three and will probably be the most watched.  Whether you support one or the other the choice must be based on history, record and the feasibility of the plans for the future.  To base a vote on the “likability” of a candidate is a wasted vote and a desecration of your right to vote.  Whether the candidate is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or the Loch Ness Monster the choice must be made on the substance and not the mask.  Though, granted if based on substance the choice would clearly go to Nessie!  

Before I get into the Debate analysis let me pose a few questions that you should have vested interest as you consider your next President of the United States:

  • What qualifications of understanding should the President have in effectively facilitating businesses to expand and hire?
  • What passion and initiative need to be exhibited by a President to reduce United States foreign dependence on oil and energy?
  • What policies should your President endorse to benefit the greater American public vice micromanaging issues best left to state and local governments?
  • In these perilous times what role should the President extend, on behalf of the United States, to other countries and the world?
  • Given the climate today especially since September 11, 2001, what strength should the United States have within it’s military?
  • How should your President guide the people to cherish labor and earning for their keep?
  • Does your President or candidate seemingly know how to balance a checkbook?  
  • It’s a no brainer, but a valid question nonetheless.  Does your President demonstrate patriotism?  

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President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both were prepared for their first debate.  They addressed issues of healthcare, education, foreign policy, military, jobs, energy and Medicare.  At heart they seemed to have similar end result goals for the betterment of the United States, but it was well apparent the differences in approach.  It was obvious the trust and faith in federal government President Barack Obama has in these issues.  Governor Romney projected a passion of returning power to states thus reducing the intrusion and monstrosity of the federal government.  This was probably the most profound result of the first debate between these two candidates for the Office of President of the United States.

The hope and pressure for Mitt Romney was seemingly simple.  To be aggressive as never before and to openly address the President’s record of failed policy.  Mitt Romney’s performance was perfect in my opinion.  There was no “slam dunk” that leveled or took Obama out of the race.  That would be too much of a dream come true for many Americans.  Instead, Romney was prepared for any surprise attack or issue.  This was obvious as he repeatedly took notes and formulated comments as the President spoke.  He showed no fear but had great passion for free market and enterprise as one of the main sources for American solutions.  It is the hope of supporters that this message will sink in and resound in the hearts of the American public.

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President Barack Obama was also well prepared.  There really wasn’t any apparent “gotcha” in the debate.  Each was cordial and prepared in their remarks.  Though truthfulness and validity in their professed numbers is debatable in itself.  President Obama was calmer than Romney though it may well be a matter of personality and character.  What disturbed me was the psychology of body language.  President Obama consistently avoided eye contact with Governor Romney.  He often looked at the podium.  Romney, on the other hand, demonstrated leadership by looking at Obama as he made his remarks.  To his credit though, Obama was prepared and visibly showed no fear.

During the debate I chose to be conscious of my own feelings during the remarks of each candidate.  Though the President crafted words well to counter Romney’s charges I still felt better about the outlook of Romney.  President Barack Obama whole-heartedly blames the current national environment on the previous administration.  This is especially on the topic of the economic trillion dollar deficit.  This was a blatant denial of a sitting President of any personal accountability, EXCEPT for those obscure positive perks in the public arena of policy.  This would include entitlement programs and a healthcare program that has not yet fully been implemented.  Part of the dignity of the Office is the ability to admit fallibility and mistakes to the governed and to move forward in a learned manner.  Never once has the President apologized, even at least in part, for the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  

Obama presented nothing new.  No new initiatives to improve our situation.  Most all his words were crafted to counter every proposal and fact Mitt Romney made.  It was clear to me that the President did not want to be there.  Mitt Romney was proactive with plans and a vision for getting Americans back to work.  This was the foundation of his remarks.  Get Americans back to work in order to have them contribute in taxes and industry.  The purpose is to get Americans off of dependence and on a track toward happiness and self sufficiency.  

As a part of getting Americans back to work, it was a refreshing reminder to the Constitution of the United States to have Governor Mitt Romney push for a power shift from the federal government back to the states.  He emphasized the brilliance and ingenuity of the Americans to mold and craft solutions on their own.  He used his record as the Massachusetts Governor to illustrate how his plans can work on a national level.  Repeal Obamacare and let the states legislate health care in a manner that best suits the interest of it’s people.  This goes right in line with the Declaration of Independence that states that these States should have the right to be every bit as valid and sovereign as France, Germany or even Britain.  This was a bonus for Mitt Romney.

It has never been more apparent to me that new direction is needed in the United States.  I can see government dependence at 60% within three years unless we do something about it.  I can see Obamacare bankrupting the system of care in America in it’s attempt to streamline treatment and patients.  I can easily see a sharp rise in terrorism on our own soil with the downsizing of our military and constant ignoring of our borders.  I can see the President’s beloved “green energy” initiatives implode without the free market to produce innovation, competition and open markets around the world.

I was pleased with the outcome of the first debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  I support Romney and truly feel him to be the best hope for America over the incumbant candidate and President, Barack Obama.