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Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazing Benefits of United Nations Global Tax?

The United Nations Global Tax initiative is the best thing that could happen to the United States, England, France, Japan and the entire world.  The world carbon footprint will be reduced from the inspired $25 tax per ton on carbon dioxide emissions among the world’s elite countries.  The world hungry in third world countries will be fed from new global wealth distribution.  The world poor will have roof safe shelter over head, opportunity and Internet connection.  Wealth standards will be raised for all countries from the 1% tax on billionaires.  Steady supply of wealth will also come from monopolizing financial banking institutions around the world.  Trillions in currency is traded internationally.  Incredible wealth will be distributed to the lowly and poverty stricken from the taxes on international trading of the Dollar, Yen, Euro and Pound Sterling.  Surely a new age commencement is about to blossom into new innovation, prosperity and world standards of living.

Well - now that I’ve blatantly spewed crap from my mouth let me tell you how it really is.  Before I do, let me tell you that the sad thing about the farce above is that there are vast numbers out there, who are naive enough and ignorant enough and uneducated enough to believe it.  Sad, yes, but even more scary because numbers add up to government pressure.  Now, let’s lay it out in plain terms what was stated above.  Do you remember when the United States President Barack Obama greeted with bow before the Saudi King Abdullah back in April of 2012?  Use your imagination, that minute effortless part of your brain, to see yourself bowing before the United Nations.  Sure, you may be clasping hands, but it will be in handing over your earned Dollar to be pocketed or, as proposed, distributed throughout the world.  Is this truly what we want?  Is there that much animosity toward the higher income bracket and self loathing because you’re not there?  Has humanity lost all integrity?

President Barack Obama bows to Saudi King Abdullah

The United Nations proposal has met little resistance among it’s members.  This should be enough to make your bowels cramp up.  Why?  Because when such powers and leadership advocates such spread of wealth and suppression, of not just the wealthy but also the not wealthy and prosperity of all, we as a species have surrendered our rights and liberties to the One World Government.  You think your life is impeded upon now by your national government?  Just wait.  You haven’t seen anything yet!

It is estimated that the United Nations would confiscate (I mean tax) $40 - $50 million from billionaires.  Given the nature of government and the conglomerate 193 member U.N. in general, can anyone tell me truthfully that they think even a small amount of that dough will reach the poor and the needy?  Dare we reflect back to when the now deceased Iraqi President Saddam Hussein repeatedly violated 16 United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs)?  The United Nations was a farce and Hussein knew it.  Though political pressure slowly favored countries toward the United States in military strength, the whole affair proved that the United Nations posing in divinity as the One World Government, would quickly lead to global chaos and bring us all into disparity.  

Universal Map 30473 179 - United Nations Sanctions - Backboard (Google Affiliate Ad)

This is exactly the smoke and mirror politics that’s taking place behind closed doors among secret combinations of men.  Call it deja vu but the term “redistribution of wealth” bears a striking resemblance to the promises of someone else.....  Believe it or not, this cancerous virus of political thought is designed and carried out for one purpose only:  to destroy the Constitution of the United States of America and the precepts of free enterprise, unsuppressed prosperity and capitalism among a free people of a perfected Republic.

Do what you want but as for me I’ve got two choices:
  1. Trust in a document composed of inspired men who braved separation from British tyranny and formed a new nation.  Men who suffered hardship and disease among their fighting troops during “the shot heard ‘round the world,” or Battle of Lexington and throughout the Revolutionary War.  Men who could have taken the easy way out but were compelled to keep the course sure.  Men purified of fire to establish the Constitution of the United States.  
  2. Trust in modern men drunk with power and popularity.  Men who adorn themselves with political ideals that have not only proven a failure but have proven deadly as well.  Men whose agendas are not spirited in the welfare of their countrymen but in the destruction of someone else’s countrymen.  Men who control the population’s public opinion by reinventing the history books and upholding standards of stifling socialism and communism.

I opt for #1 and the document mentioned in #1 is the Constitution of the United States.  Everything about the United Nations proposal, which many leaders are actually considering, goes against the grain and fundamentals of the Constitution.  I’m not about to give up my rights and privileges to a bunch of thugs in high places.  This is global mafia right before our eyes!  

How is this affecting our rights, you say?  True communism doesn’t spring into effect all of the sudden.  No.  True communism acts as a flaxen cord.  A small grip is of no consequence to us.  We can break the grip any time we want to.  However,  as the grip remains we lose sight of it as it grows,tightens and cuts off circulation.  Finally, you cannot break from the grip and you wonder how it can be, because you remember the grip as being very light.  No!  Adopting policies into our manipulated public opinion cannot be allowed to trump the Constitution.  Let’s break the cords before it’s too late.

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